The Upper Peninsula. Michigan Quick Trip (36 hours)

There’s a lot to see in the UP but this is how you do the MUST SEES in 36 hours if you’re a Michigander from the lower peninsula.

1st stop: Tahquamenon falls 

It took 5.5 hours to drive here from Grand Rapids and we walked to the waterfall and got all of our pics in 15 mins. Then we went to the brewery to get a beer.

Tahquamenon Falls

2nd stop: Miners Falls 

It took about 2 hours to drive to Miners falls. And it’s a 1 mile hike round trip. It’s a gravel walk way so you can run there and back. You can walk right up to the base of this waterfall.

Miners Falls

3rd stop: Miners Castle Point 

Miners Castle Point is a 5 minute drive from Miners falls. This is a cool photo spot and perfect place to watch the sunset. 

4th stop: the city of Munising 

It’s another 20 minute drive to the heart of Munising where you can eat, shop, and lodge.

5th stop: Chapel Loop Hike 

It took 6 hours to complete this 10 mile loop because we like to stop and take pics. Seasoned hikers usually complete this in 4 hours. On this hike you can see the Chapel Falls, Chapel Rock, Pictured Rock Cliffs of Lake Superior (The Jeweled crown of the UP), Mosquito River, and Mosquito Falls. 

Chapel Falls

Chapel Rock

Chapel Rock

Lake Superior
Lake Superior

Chapel Rock


Mosquito River
Mosquito Falls

Last Stop: Mackinaw City 

It took 3 hours to drive from the chapel loop to Mackinaw City. The city hasn’t changed in 20 years. Shop, dine, visit fort michilimackinac, and get some pics of the Mackinac Bridge. If you have extra time, take the ferry to Mackinac Island where you can explore on bike or buggy.

Mackinaw City

It takes 4 hours to drive back home from Mackinaw city to Grand Rapids. We left on Saturday at 11 am and returned back home 36 hours later at 11 pm Sunday night.  We took our time and didn’t feel rushed at all.  But if you have more time, I suggest seeing/doing the following things:

Castle Rock

Mackinac Island

Munising Falls



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