Travel O’ahu for CHEAP

If you’re planning a trip to the big island, wanna see it all, and wanna save money, this is a must read.

Where to stay for cheap

 Stay at a hotel that isn’t on the beach because it will be MUCH, MUCH CHEAPER! And if you choose a hotel without a pool, It’s even cheaper.  AirBNB is a great site to find cheap stay.

Getting Around

First thing is first. Get yourself a rental car. Preferably a truck/jeep you can fit a surfboard in. Hourly rentals and lessons cost tons of money.   INSTEAD, rent a surfboard from a Craigslist rental. We got a surfboard for the whole week for just 40 bucks! You can take it anywhere, any time you want.

North Shore

Visit North Shore to surf, eat from shrimp trucks, and get Matsumoto’s Shaved ice.

North Shore is relaxed and low key, different from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. We wish we could have spent more time here. North Shore is famous for the awesome surf.  Shrimp trucks are one of the cheaper ways to get a meal and Matsumoto’s is to die for – get the shaved ice with ice cream.

Hikes Hikes Hikes Hikes are FREE FREE FREE FREE

Hike Diamond Head Volcano (Waikiki)

This hike is 1-mile with a paved path and stairs. It is definitely the easier of hikes but it gets congested during the day. There is limited parking and it costs $5.

Hike the west coast- Kaena Point

This is 4 miles long but no elevation. It took us about 2 hours to reach the western tip which is actually a wildlife reserve. The views down the coast line are amazing.

Hike Manauwili Falls

This is a 3 mile hike and the trail gets wet. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes because the swimming hole/waterfall at the end is awesome. There’s also some cliff jumping you can do. This was the funnest hike.

Hike Manoa Falls

This is a 1 mile hike with a beautiful waterfall.

Nu’uana Pali Lookout



Take a beach day at Kailua beach. This was my favorite beach. The sand was so soft and the water was so blue.

Snorkel Hanauma Bay

It cost money to get into the park ($10) and cost money to rent snorkeling gear ($10). You can set up post and stay the whole day to enjoy the beach and snorkel.  We even swam with sea turtles!!!  but don’t forget your sunscreen because they charge $16 for a bottle!


Night Life


Get festive and go to a real Luau to get some of that Hawaiian culture. We did the Diamond Head Luau. Buy tickets online to get the cheapest rate, NOT the street vendors.

Cheap Hawaiian Food

Food in hawaii is not cheap.  A nice dinner for 2 will cost about $70.  The cheapest food you’ll get are the “plate lunches”, shrimp trucks, and you gotta have an acai bowl.




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